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Bruce Almighty
This movie just came out in Canada and im going to see it soon, its one of the funniest movies there is! the Star of the movie is Bruce of course which is Jim Carrey. I might go see it today and I will write a little about it when i come back home from the theatres.





What happened to Saddam
There is something weird i noticed... Before they were after Bin Laden and now they're after Saddam well what to happened to Bin Laden than and which one is the Americas Most Wanted, before I saw on the T.V that Bin Laden was the most wanted person of the F.B.I. is it Saddam now?


Today when i was playing football with my freinds, one of my freinds shoe came off flying and than it hit me right in the eye so now it hurts and I cant go on the computer because of the light of computer hurts my eyes. I cant even open it wide enough to see anything. I hope it will be better soon... (im so dizzy right now that im writing this down)


New Template as soon as it changes to Dano
Thanks to Mr.Ebrahimi for making us a
new template, it is the new template and the tags are different and it is speacial for the new blogger system.

Im in school right now and today in chess club 3 people me and two others bet our teacher Mr.Ryan that if one of us win he gets us 4 large pizza's and if the three of us lost from him than we had to buy him coffe and a muffin and a double double... so we won and he spent more than $50 to buy the 4 large pizza's well that was a fun class.


This is officially the Annoying week
Today Suspended my site (not weblog) because it was a lot more Bandwith than it was supposed to use 100mb only and it was using 1GB!!!!! lol i bet theyre mad and so am I because my Link me page and my one of my logos and my about me page and backround and a picture of Persian Top 50 Weblog's isnt and the backround-music working now! Im trying to move my site server to another site server if you know any than please write it on the comments or message me from yahoo on the yahoo icon you see on the side...
Finally the template html is back and im guessing Blogger is getting really close to changing all users to Dano.


My Dream Car
This is my Dream car look at the beuty of it (hope I will be able to buy it when i grow up)


Hacked Website
A website i saw today when i was just surfing the internet was hacked i dont know when or by who it just says

! Hacked !

Yes it's hacked

and this time it's not mashghasem

See it for yourself in this website

logger changing
Soon very sooner than you think, every users will change auto to Dano. What is Dano? well I think you should check this page out the Dano is just the system that works for blogger... and the new blogger is called Blogger Basic which has more feautures and new tag htmls. I migrated from this page a week ago for my Persian Blog (which is closed now...) and now it says this in the page "Hello. We're working on a new version of Blogger called Dano. We've now concluded the beta-test period and are preparing to move all users to Dano. In preparation for this move, we've stopped the opt-in migration process. Thanks for being curious about the new version; everyone will be using it shortly."
many people say its not good some say its great... I said it was great because it was really better than the current one...


Failing Changes to blog
I changed my comments to the Enetation one but it gave an error to my blog and my blog stats wouldnt show up so i decided to change back the comments to what it was like before .

My Life Happenings Today
Well its been a really busy day I had a soccer game this morning and it took 2 hours exact and than when i came home i helped Amir Bahador Kharazmi with his group which i was pleased to help such a talented singer. And im trying to change the comments template and my bro is helping me with some RSS stuff now.

End of my persian weblog
I closed my persian weblog today because it is a lot of responsibility for me to control 2 weblogs... Well thats the end of the road for it but i will still write in this weblog forever...
Dead End - USA Road Sign




Top 250 blogs, by most incoming permalinks
I found this site and it has a lot of stuff for blogger users, also info of
the blogsphere and helps with other stuff from blogs.


News Article from

Who Is Governing

A Guide to Understanding the U.S. Military Occupation

Who is governing Iraq?

The ultimate authority for the U.S. military occupation of Iraq is Army Lt. Gen.
David D. McKiernan. The top civilian authority is a former State Department
official named L. Paul Bremer III. As head of a Pentagon's Office of
Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA), Bremer is supposed to
administer the country on an interim basis and to provide humanitarian aid,
rebuild damaged infrastructure and help establish a representative government.

Bremer reports to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and his top aides, Deputy
Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz and Under Secretary for Policy Douglas J. Feith. As
the Post reported in early May "Control of the reconstruction agency remains
firmly with a tight-knit group of Pentagon officials and handpicked former

What are they doing?

For administrative purposes, Iraq has been divided into three sections: the
north, the south and metropolitan Baghdad. There are coordinators for each
region, plus U.S. officials running each of 23 governmental ministries.

These jobs are just beginning to be filled. The city of Baghdad was originally
placed under the control of Barbara Bodine, a State Department official, but she
was transferred less than a month later and has yet to be replaced. Southern
Iraq will be administered by Roger "Buck" Walters, a retired military man and
Texas businessman. W. Bruce Moore, a career military man who saw combat in
Vietnam and Somalia, will run northern Iraq.

Walter B. Slocombe, who worked in the Pentagon in the Clinton administration,
will oversee the transition of the Iraqi defense ministry. Peter McPherson,
former administrator of the U.S. Agency for international and a friend of Vice
President Cheney, is the "financial coordinator" for ORHA. Former U.S.
ambassadors Robin Raphel and Timothy Carney are in charge of trade and industry.
The foreign affairs portfolio is held by David J. Dunford, a former U.S.
ambassador to Oman.

How are they doing?

The biggest challenge for U.S. authorities in Iraq has been simply to restore
public order and public services. Widespread complaints about the slow pace of
recovery efforts prompted the Bush administration to bring in Bremer as the top
civilian in Iraq. At his first press conference in mid-May, Bremer painted a
romising picture. "This is not," he declared, "a country in anarchy."

What about the oil?

The U.S. is seeking a United Nations resolution granting it broad control over
the country's oil industry and revenue until a permanent, representative Iraqi
government is in place. Philip J. Carroll, a former executive of Shell Oil Co.,
has been selected to lead the rebuilding of Iraq's petroleum industry.

What is the role of the U.S. military?

The post-combat force is big and growing. As a result, commanders of the 160,000
U.S. soldiers in the country are playing a leading role in governing the
country. U.S. commanders appointed the mayor of Najaf, the Shiite holy city in
the south. Maj. Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of the Army's 101st Airborne
Division serves as "a viceroy" for the northern Iraq, according to a recent Post
story. In mid-May 18,500 additional U.S. soldiers moved into Baghdad, operating
checkpoints, protecting Iraqi facilities, conducting manhunts and patrolling the
streets as a quasi-police force.

What about the Iraqis?

For now, Iraqi leaders serve in an "advisory" capacity to the U.S. officials.
The Bush administration has said that an interim Iraqi authority will eventually
be established to take over from the Americans. On Bremer's orders, members of
the Baath party have been banned from government jobs.

Among the Iraq people, many say they would like to see the U.S. forces leave the
country as soon as possible. This feeling is especially strong in the southern
Iraq where most of the people are adherents of the Shiite branch of Islam. U.S.
officials have expressed fears that the Shiite clerics may support the
establishment of an Iranian-style theocracy hostile to U.S. interests. But
representatives of the four supreme Shiite leaders in the country have expressed
cautious support for a temporary U.S. presence, mixed with distrust of American

Who are the Iraqis who will take over?

That is not yet known. In early May, Garner identified several five likely
leaders of an Iraqi interim government. One was Ahmed Chalabi, a former banker
who heads the Iraqi National Congress and is a favorite of the Pentagon. Two
others were well-known Kurdish leaders from the northern part of the country:
Massoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Jalal Talabani of the
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. Another possible Iraqi leaders is Abdul Aziz Hakim
of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, a Shiite group that
fought Saddam Hussein from exile in Iran. A fifth came from a secular group
called the Iraqi National Accord.

Opposition figures have voiced concern over the U.S. intention to push back the
creation of an interim authority and, once established, to delegate it with
powers far more modest than those leaders had originally expected.

How long will Americans run Iraq?

Unknown. Gen. Garner spoke off transferring authority to an interim Iraqi
government within 90 days. Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary, has
said it may take longer than six months to do so. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld
said recently that "anyone who thinks they know how long it's going to take is
fooling themselves."

By Jefferson Morley


New Blogger With Great Access
Ive saw the new service of blogger and I want to change mine to the new one too, Its that good! ive taken 2 screen pictures of it...


Starting of summer
Well its getting really warm outside, summer is starting and people are going out more. Well im going biking with my freinds now. I have also taken a picture of a flower to give you the picture of the flowers that are growing because in Canada, the place I live in the summer the flowers start to grow and the grass gets green and the weather gets a lot warmer. I wonder what its like in other places.


new backround music
Ive changed the backround music. For more info about it ive written about it on my last post.

Time for a music brake!
A new great artist his name is AMIR BAHADOR KHARAZMI And he Was Born In Tehran In 07/05/1984 And he is A Student . I tell ya you have to listen to his music his amazing! Click here to one of his songs called "Khooneye Maadarbozorge (gothic remix)" click here to listen to the amazing song! he also has a
group so you could be a member and it also says what is the next album's and...

the next album is

Football game
They called me but they told me something different than when the game is at. The game is cancelled and it was our last game. So we came Fourth its not that bad. We will do better in the summer.(hopefully)


Why is there so many blog writers named Ehsan?
This is really weird for me because so far i have found more than 24 persian and english writers, writing a weblog. I think that this is because of the weblog named Ehsanix which he began his weblog with and than he changed his site to and because he is so famous in the persian blogsphere and his name is also Ehsan it brings other Ehsan's to write weblog's too. Or there is just a lot of people named Ehsan.


6 dollars if you spit!
In China the laws get strict on spiting and you get fined 6 dollars. Why they fine you is because that if you have SARS and you spit than obviously someone else will get SARS from you. The China goverment is putting 1,000 police officers on the road to keep watch of people not to spit, and if they do than 6 dollars is theyre find.

ماموران بهداشتی مردی را به جرم تف انداختن به مبلغی معادل با 6 دلار جريمه کردند

I saw this movie yesterday and I had a good time.The movie was way better than the first one and also funnier most scenes were just like obvious that they were fake tho like one part Neo (the guy in the picture) was jumping on other people's heads and, hehe it was funny. Well if you really want to know how the movie is like than go see it!

Reeves in the role of a dull, earnest—but bulletproof!—monk


The U.S.A site in persian!
I found this on the
BBC Persian site and everything is in persian! and it has the news of United Estates in persian also the Secretary Of States Colin Powel says his message to the people of Iran.Click
HERE to go to the site!

سايت تازه فارسی در حالی راه اندازی شده که ايران دسترسی به صدها سايت را محدود کرده است


Gone to Football
I have a soccer practise now so i will continue writing tomorrow...

In my school
Im in my school right now and our teacher let us go on the computer so i went on some game sites i found a great one called and it has really good games.See for yourself by clicking on the name.
The test
The test wasnt that hard I think il get an A or B and thats a good mark.


Hello again
I have been really busy today and I also have a test tomorrow in school so i have to study and I also have finished the persian weblog i only need to work on the archive.
So i guess bye till tomorrow.


What is wrong with Blogger!
Today when i was making the Farsi version of my weblog all the soden my whole blogger template disappeared! is any other bloggers experiencing the same thing?


Added Stuff
If you have flash you would have noticed that i put music on my site you can press stop or play the music is by "Saeed Mohammadi"
and the song is "Mahe Man" tell me what you think of the music.

Am I the youngest persian blogger?
I went around and checked most of the persian blogs and so far I havnt found anyone that is younger than my age. If you are younger than 12 and you write a persian blog than please say your name and blog on the comments.


The game
well it didnt go that bad we were winning in the first half and than in the second half when there was 10 minuites left they scored a couple of goals and we lost. well i think my next game is next saturday or sunday.

gone to play football
well i have a football game today its pretty fun, im excited as always.
Wish me luck

My Own Money Atlast

I made my own money similar to the Iraqi money but with my head instead of saddam's hehe :)


Iranian football teams at this time

En2Fa (Finglish to Farsi Translator)
this is a very useful program if you want to write in Farsi from writing in english the program is very simple and very good for people who want to write in Farsi.there is a picture below that i took from the program and to visit the site , click here


what was the war about OIL or PEACE?

Most people say that U.S.A made war with Iraq because of its oil and i think its true because they still dont even have everything ready in Iraq and in the news i was watching it sayd that "the Iraqy Oil had been the most important thing to rebuilt Iraq" so far i havnt seen a thing get rebuilt.


I found this great game site Its called there is almost the best java and sockwave games check it out if u dont belive me!


The past life teller

LOL check your birthday and it tells you about the guy that lived before you it told me some strange things i cant even remember it sayd that my brother was a female LOL
-->click here to go it<--

Face maker

I found this site from and what it does is makes faces and you get to chose how to make theyre face than you can save it and people from around the world can see it its quite funny
-->click here to load it<--

About my lazy brother & my need of help

I asked my brother Sassan @ to help me but instead he put errors in my blog and he helpes other people with theyre blog so now i need some help with comments and making the XML and stuff like that if anyone could help me please contact me! Id be happy and thankful if you did.


Funny Umbro Commercial

I found this comercial about Umbro that shows a guy telling the dog to jump and just when he does the guy kicked him in the direction to the old lady so it would wake her up LOL this was hilarious for me.
-->click here to watch it<--

Habbo Hotel

There is a chatline that you can type to people from around the world i think its pretty good and fun this was originally made for people from UK but than it got real famous around the world.

Iran varzeshi

Today i went to see how persepolis was doing so i went to this site and it had 8 pages. The pages 5 and 6 werent working and the rest of the pages were about football. Do you see something weird here "The whole site is written about football and the site name is iran-varzeshi"


Hello people i have opened my weblog.well you might know me from my top 50 i made and from now on i will also write about the sites that enter it :-) hope you do too.

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Daily notes about football


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