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Norwegian hacker cracks iTunes code
OSLO, Norway (AP) -- A young Norwegian who became a global hacker hero by writing and distributing a program to crack DVD security codes appears to have struck again, this time against Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes online music service. Jon Lech Johansen, 19, faces a new trial that starts Tuesday after prosecutors appealed his January acquittal on charges that he violated Norway's data break-in laws with his DeCSS program for DVDs.

Bush Visit to Iraq Becomes Talk of Baghdad
President Bush's surprise visit to Iraq was the talk of Baghdad's teahouses, kebab shops and mosques Friday, with many Iraqis asking why he didn't take advantage of his trip to see firsthand how his rule has treated them.


Pirated Sites
This is a website that shows the copiers of the internet who Pirate the designs and that means they copy the design and make and exact but different design, for example I found this on they're website:

The first thumbnail is the suspected copy, the second is the alleged original.

OK so you get the point well have a look at this website then:
Pirated Sites


iPods dirty secret!
Watch This Vedio, it just proved how much iPods last for, 18 months! and it costs $255 or a cost around that to get new batteries for it!? or you can just go buy a new one!
But really watch this vedio before you waste your money!

Time Magazine- The Aibo, Sony's toy robot dog, was a huge commercial hit. But it's a quadruped so, by today's standards, no great shakes. Meet Qrio (rhymes with curio), the company's new bipedal "personal agent." More of a corporate showpiece than an actual product (on the market it would fetch about as much as a BMW), Qrio can walk uphill, sing, dance, wave hello, wiggle its fingers and kick a ball with surprising grace. Two digital cameras, one behind each eye, help Qrio map a room for future reference and recognize up to 10 different faces. It can also converse in Japanese. Can you?
Now this is a challenge between they're robot and the Honda Asimo.

Is school always boring?
Its weird how I learn all these stupid stuff in school that I dont think I am going to use any of those things when I grow up. Some things are important such as math which I really try to get all A's and I mostly get A's or B's but you know in science we learn stupid stuff like how light reflects...!! everybody knows that! but we have to like draw all these things and estimate which direction and all that... I really hate Science this year, and I know exactly why! Because its a lot more boring then all my other grades.


New Design Coming Soon
I will be working on a new style for the weblog, I am getting kinda tired of the ORANGE. I am probably going to make a classic one. Hmmmm... I wonder what colors I should use! Well anyways I am going to make it cool overall :) I am still blogging but there will be delays on updates.


Mini-copter stars at robot show
The world's lightest and smallest robot helicopter has been unveiled at a Tokyo exhibition by the Seiko Epson company.
The designers say the 70-mm-tall device could be used as a "flying camera" to enter earthquake-shattered buildings. The prototype four-legged robot weighs 10 grammes and although it flies by remote control, it has to be linked to an external power source via a cable.

WhaleNew Whale Species Announced by Japanese Scientists
The number of rorqual whale species swimming in the world's oceans has jumped to eight from six, according to new research by a team of Japanese scientists published in tomorrow's issue of the science journal Nature. The research shows that rorquals commonly referred to as Bryde's whales actually represent three distinct species.


Smallest Camera?!
Gun-shaped camera could be the smallest video camera on Earth.
TechTv- When we say first look, we mean it. "Tech Live" is the only media outlet in the country so far to play with Fisher's just-announced Pocket CameraCorder FVD-C1. We'll show you first-hand its promising features on tonight's show. This new digital camcorder fits in the palm of your hand. Shooting with it feels like you're holding the barrel of a gun. If you're into firearms, the FVD-C1 might just be for you. Of course, you won't be shooting bullets but precious memories. Oh, one more thing. This camcorder doesn't use tape.
Fisher FVD-C1 Pocket CameraCorder [View A Larger Picture Of The Camera!]


Sorry But I cant update my blog I might put some links on the link garage. But please check back in tomorrow.


License Plate Maker
If you want a license to be made for you for any state of U.S. then here is your solution. Go to THIS page and it will show you how to make and pass your license plate so you can print it and put it on your car! As you can see my license plate I have put it on my car but the police stopped me and wouldn't beleive that I got my license plate in Hawai so they charged me $200. But you be careful now!
By the way, my story was a lie :-)


Bye Jean Chretien we will miss you.
Well I guess its good bye to Jean Chretien, and Paul Martin should be as good as him! I hope Paul has Jean's Humor. Paul Martin promises government of change and renewal as the CBC Website reports Paul Martin also promised he'll lead a government of change and renewal Friday night as he was officially crowned the new leader of the Liberal Party. I hope hes right.

Paul Martin - The upcoming prime minister.

Jean Chretien - June 23, 1990.

FORGET the tallest, the smallest, the fastest or even the slowest, it's time to brace yourself for the grossest records in history. The Guinness Book Of World Records celebrated its 100 millionth copy with a big bash in London on Tuesday and a new pocket-sized book - The Best Gross World Records.

What technology has come to!
Im amazed of this invention! I wonder how it even works how u press buttons, or is there even buttons? hmmm... thats new! a laser keyboard huh? thats very cool! I should get one!
[Click here to view a bigger picture]


Another one of my creations: Link Garage
If you want the Link Garage page thats openes in a pop-up just like the one on the side of my weblog (the one that says archive with green) In your weblog then copy this html code and make sure you get all this html copied because if you dont then it wont work, and then put the html code in your website/weblog template html code.


Today I went to the doctor and I'm not happy with her answer. I am injured right under my knee there's a swelling that really hurts and its some kind of disease that happens while the knee grows to only some kids. Its something called like oznich ladder... So now I cant play soccer or any sport that uses my leg and even I couldn't go to today's practice. I have to rest it for a weak. Oh and tomorrow my dad is taking to the hospital again to take X-ray and then I have to take physiotherapy. Damn I really miss soccer!


Hackers Crack Nokia's N-Gage
Hackers have cracked the copy protection code of games developed for Nokia's recently launched N-Gage mobile game console, the company said Wednesday.
"We have discovered that some of the N-Gage games are available for downloading on a number of Web sites," said Damian Stathonikos, a Nokia spokesperson. "We will work closely with ISPs and authorities, and continue to develop our own copy protection mechanisms to curb this action."

Radar Data Shows Moon Is Dry At Poles
In a potentially serious blow to future lunar colonization efforts, new radar measurements of the poles of Earth's moon show no signs of water there in the permanent shade and shadow of deep craters. Such radar measurements by the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico had previously discovered polar ice deposits on distant Mercury, but similar signals from our Moon are absent.

New features
Ive made a new thing in my blog, as you can see on the right side of my weblog is a link garage so everyday or 2 days mostly will be everyday, I will upload links there to cool and funny stuff and other stuff that's interesting or whatever...


Watch this clip its really funny.

Click for Large PhotoFreaks of nature!
Look at this freak! why would you even do this! I mean who the %$#@ cares if you have 1903 body piercings alltogether! That is very stupid and people who dont have life would do this!! so if you dont have life go get one right now!!


The New Organizer
Nokia 6200 phone
Have a look


Soccer Game
Today I had a soccer game this morning and we tied against Dunbrack United. The score was 1-1. And I almost got a goal but hit the cross bar. I also almost scored 2 other goals! Last game I had last week I scored a goal. By the way this is only my second game with Dartmouth United since I transferred from Cole Harbour. Look at the jersey on the top picture and Im on number 7 :) as you can see on the bellow picture.


Watch the Meatrix!
Here is the Meatrix watch it! its real funny!

AFP- Bundles of one dollar bills moving through the wrapping machine at the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC. The dollar dipped to 109.29 yen against 110.17 on Thursday(AFP/File/Shawn Thew)

Apple Helps Napster
Did Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) fear Napster, or what? How else to explain the official press release yesterday, explaining -- in an almost "hey, look at me!" fashion -- that "Music fans purchased and downloaded 1.5 million songs from Apple's iTunes Music Store during the same period that Napster reported selling 300,000 songs during its first week of operation."


Matrix Revolutions
finally the new matrix is out and its out today in Nova Scotia, Dartmouth. I really want to see this movie!. Here's the Trailer
This Trailer Requires:
Get QuickTime

Microsoft's Antitrust Settlement Sharply Questioned
Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly said the settlement was so wrong-headed that its approval by U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly represented an abuse of her discretion.
Led by the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Microsoft's antitrust adversaries had another day in court to protest the provisions of the settlement the company worked out with the Bush administration. The antitrust battle was joined Tuesday in oral arguments before the six-judge panel of the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Columbia.


Are We There Yet?

Modern Pong
Look at this flash animation of Pong :

IBM to power next generation Xbox
Microsoft and IBM today announced that the next Xbox will use IBM's processors instead of Intel's. No exact details have been announced, but IBM PowerPC processor technology has been licensed for use in both Xbox consoles and services based around the...


REUTERS- A staff member lifts the largest D color internally flawless diamond ever to appear at auction from its display box at Sotheby's auction house in London, October 7, 2003. The diamond is expected to fetch between five and six million pounds ($8-10 million) when auctioned in Geneva on November 20. (Toby Melville/Reuters)

Rumsfeld to discuss Iraq, Saddam
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is the featured guest on many of today's news talk shows to discuss the continuing violence in Iraq and whether Saddam Hussein has a role in the ongoing attacks against American forces.

Here I come Manchester!
I will be going to Manchester United on April 9 or 8 and stay there for 10 days to play soccer with my team and get trained in the Manchester United Stadium with the Manchester United staff. It is going to be so fun! I'm even going to stay in a hotel for 10 days by myself in 1 room and my whole team is staying in that hotel too. I might also bring my Digi-Cam to there so I can take pictures and stuff and then put it on my weblog. We are currently training, A LOT like I have practice all week except for Fridays and Wednesdays but that dosn't matter to me because I love soccer! Today I also had a game and I scored a goal we won 3-2 against this team called The Valley. I changed to Dartmouth United for soccer they have such a better coach then Cole Harbour. I can't wait till I go to Manchester!


Casio Xfer Splash Proof TVCasio's New toy
First Look: Casio Xfer Splash Proof TV
TechTv- Bathtubs and TVs make a deadly mix. But to some people "deadly" also means "totally cool." I'm sure Casio meant the latter when it released a splashproof wireless television. Casio's Xfer Splash Proof Wi-Fi TV, one of the latest Japanese gizmos to invade the bathroom, lets you watch the tube in your tub in relative safety. Tonight on "Fresh Gear," see Becky Worley disrobe to test it out.

Staff installs a tube to the spacesuit worn by Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei now on exhibit at the science museum in Hong Kong.(AFP/Ted  Aljibe)
AFP- Staff installs a tube to the spacesuit worn by Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei now on exhibit at the science museum in Hong Kong.(AFP/Ted Aljibe)

Click for Large Photo
AP- Pieter Knook, Microsoft vice president of Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, shows off a 'Smartphone' during the U.S. Launch party of the new devices at Microsoft headquarters, Friday, Oct. 31, 2003, in Redmond, Wash. The cellular phones run Windows mobile software, which allow the user to carry documents created using other Windows programs. (AP Photo/Microsoft, Robert Sorbo, Ho)

Click for Large Photo
Mac Taking Over Windows
AP- This is an undated handout screen shot of the Mac OS X operating system. For the second time in as many years, Apple Computer Inc. has unleashed a major upgrade of the Mac OS X operating system, packing it with features that Windows users won't see for years and affixing a price tag that's fitting for the Porsche of computer makers. (AP Photo/HO)

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