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Im not going to write till school starts because theres only a weak left for my summer holiday. I hope everyone enjoyes they're summer holiday too.


Lindows 4.0
It has good graphics, you can download it for free or buy it for $49.0!! it can also run on a 1 Ghz. computer. Its an amazing thing.
Click here to know more about this.


I want one of those!
The Japanese Prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi is happy to get rid of his cool robot to the Czech counterpart Vladimir Spidla. He supposely gave it to him before the dinner at the Hrzan's Palace in Prague as a gift, but im sure he just wanted to get rid of that evil robot!
I mean cmon the robot can dance and shake hands and even talk! The robots name is the Asimo Honda.

What a cool robot.


2 More New Templates Added
I have added 2 more new templates to one I made myself at the top one and the other is my brother's template.

[ All Resolution this template includes comments ]

Download This Template For Blogger (English):..

[ 800-600 Resolution ]

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Download This Template+ Archive+ Comments For Blogsky (فارسي):..

[ For Blogger, all resolution but for Blogsky you pick custom ]

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Yahoo! SiteBuilder
I just found this today and its very great for making your website! it has 200 templates!! anyways its great for making a website.
Yahoo! SiteBuilder screenshot. Click for close-up view.

Pointless but fun? Flashmob phenomenon reaches UK

London's first flash mob gathers
London's first flash mob gathers. Photograph: Dan Chung

At precisely 6.31 yesterday evening, Sofas UK in central London found itself at the cutting edge of internet culture.
Simultaneously, and not coincidentally, it was also besieged by 250 sweaty people speaking English without the letter "o".

Sofas UK, currently offering sizeable reductions on a wide range of suites, was the chosen venue for Britain's first "flashmob" - a spontaneous and ostensibly pointless gathering, organised secretively by email and subject to meticulous timing.

The mob was set in motion yesterday morning, when emails were sent to interested parties signed on to the LondonMob website, giving instructions to meet in one of three pubs at exactly 6.17pm, when more information would be given. Until then, it was important to keep an eye on the fruit machine.

A flaw in the plan became apparent at 6.13pm when a young man in a tight-fitting T-shirt left printed instructions on the fruit machine of the Carpenters Arms. While watches were supposed to have been synchronised, it was not clear to which standard. The timing was already out.

So far out, in fact, that when the mob eventually descended on Sofa UK its manager, Derrick Robinson, had shut up for the day.

Citing a slow afternoon in the heat of the capital - "one tends to use your discretion, if you haven't seen anyone for an hour" - an unsuspecting Mr Robinson was in the Hope pub when the mob descended.

After negotiations with mob spokespeople, intent on emphasising the power of collective bargaining, Mr Robinson opened up. The mob then duly obeyed their instructions; to speak without using "o", text message a friend, and commend Mr Robinson on the quality of his furniture.

The first flashmobs were spotted in New York earlier this summer. Organised by a man known only as Bill, and recorded in the weblogs of Manhattan's neterati, the craze quickly spread across America and emigrated to Asia and Europe. Germany now lays claim to the flashmobbing crown: it has groups registered in 21 cities and stages mobs every night of the week.

Until yesterday it seemed the British movement was all talk and no sudden congregation.

"I set my watch by the speaking clock", said Tristan a tall man in shades and ponytail. "To be honest though, it's been better than I expected it to be. I actually thought it might be a bit of a washout. I'm going to Spain tomorrow, though, so I might try starting one in Alicante."

At roughly 6.38 the mob burst into a round of applause and departed, leaving Mr Robinson to contemplate a rather bizarre seven minutes.

"I don't know that this is the strangest day of my life - I'll have to check my stock first," he said.

"But everybody seemed to appreciate the sofas, so that makes it worthwhile."
I read this on the Guardian News


GO Away Robots!
I got this info from Hothint today about this robot code that makes search engines to not get access to certain pages for websites... Even Google or Altavista has this .txt page but you can also use this .txt page as a map to the pages of the website...
Heres A Standard for Robot Exclusion to help you more about this.

Cheap Nokia Phone
A 33-year-old Dutch woman's phone burst into flames after the battery of the Nokia phone overheated! And then the Nokia people said that they've had those kinds of incidents before and its mostly because they buy cheap batteries from other places and they overheat sometimes, they said they've even had the phones melted and, in the worst case, exploded!! Ok this will remind me to not buy a Nokia phone when I need a phone. Anyways the 33 year old Dutch woman was hurt on the face and the neck.
And heres what the Nokia people also said: "In all cases it was caused by a replacement battery which was not a Nokia accessory. The manufacturers violated security requirements which should prevent it from heating up after short circuiting, for instance, after it was dropped."
And he didnt even name the battery company names...


Deadly Snake!

Snake in a zoo in Australia. British scientists have devised a snake-like robot spy which uses Darwin's principle of evolution to keep moving even if it gets damaged by hostile fire, New Scientist reports.(AFP/File)


A break
My brother just got the XBOX live today and I played a little... I think Today Im going to take a break from blogging and enjoy the world :)


What a surprise party!
OSLO (Reuters) - A Norwegian accidentally shot and wounded six of his friends at a surprise party to celebrate his 40th birthday, police said on Sunday.
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Blogjam presents: Neil Armstrong - The Truth
Notice! language
In 1969, Neil Armstrong made history by becoming the first man to walk on the moon, uttering the immortal phrase, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Or did he? Previously suppressed footage discovered by blogjam shows that Armstrong's reaction was a great deal more uninhibited than history suggests, and that a hasty editing job was needed to prepare the astronaut's moment of glory for broadcast. Watch the truth!

So here, for the first time, in the unedited NASA film from the triumphant Apollo 11 mission.
The F-ing eagle has muther F-ing landed .. jesus h. christ in a chicken basket .. Neil Armstrong: The Awful Truth .. man landed on the moon .. quite that well .. footage
[Via: Sassan]

Watermelon Giant!

A man cleans a watermelon weighing more than 154 pounds (70 kilograms) at the Fourth Changchun International Agriculture and Food Fair in Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2003. More than 2,000 kinds of agricultural products were shown at the fair, which attracted a large number of visitors. (AP Photo/Xinhua, Xu Jiajun)

Going to Provincials
On the 29th I will be going to Cape Breton because I'm going to have a provincials tournament there for football. So me and my family will be going there and we already rented the hotels. I hope its going to be fun.

Everything back to normal in New York
NEW YORK - Electrically powered commuter trains ran on time and traffic lights kept street traffic running smoothly Monday as millions of people headed back to work for the first time since the big blackout.
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U.S. Troops Shoot Dead Reuters Cameraman in Iraq
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. troops shot dead an award-winning Reuters cameraman while he was filming on Sunday near a U.S.-run prison on the outskirts of Baghdad.
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Man Bites Off Girlfriend's Nose but Keeps Her Love
BERLIN (Reuters) - A woman in Germany says she still loves her boyfriend even though he bit her nose right off. Judge Beatrix Homann said on Thursday her court in the western city of Hanover had sentenced the 26-year-old man to 18 months in jail for the assault, but that his partner, 50, had forgiven him.
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My land
Heres a clip by SiahSepid called Vatanam [meaning: My land]This clip's target is Iranians... and it wants to remind Iranins of how Iran has a great history and beutiful land.
Click here to See this clip

Homer Simpson Prayers [Via: eyeranian]
Dear Lord, thank you for this microwave bounty even though we don't deserve it. I mean, our kids are uncontrollable hellions. Pardon my French, but they act like savages. Did you see them at the picnic? Of course you did. You're everywhere. You're omnivorous. O Lord, why did you smite me with this family? [7G04]

And Lord, we are especially thankful for nuclear power, the cleanest, safest energy source there is. Except for solar, which is just a pipe dream. Anyway, we'd like to thank you for the occasional moments of peace and love our family has experienced. Well, not today, but... You saw what happened! Oh, Lord, be honest! Are we the most pathetic family in the universe or what! [7F07]

Dear Lord, bless this humble meal, and did you hear about Krusty? Whoo, man! I mean, I knew he was a player, but jeez, a kid! (Marge: Homer, that's not a prayer, that's gossip.) Homer: Fine, I'll just discuss heavenly matters. So, how's Maude Flanders doing up there? She playing the field? Ooh, yeah, really? All those guys? [The rest of the family gapes] Amen. [BABF17]


Sony's new toy

Sony has once again made a new palm pc but this time its almost a laptop its called the New UX Series I think it should be called Miny Me because its almost a laptop but really smaller shape anyway this thing can also access to wireless internet and also has its own tiny keyboard and a camera! What a great toy!

Toronto is dead, almost!

Ok, I just have to say this: The whole concept of modern society is based on electricity and when it goes out, big cities would be worse than deserts.

Anyway, this is what I think:

- Happiest man in North Ameica: David Suzuki
- Happiest man in the Middle East: Osamah Bin Ladan (I don't mean any terrorist has done it. But anyways, all anti-american would be happy and I'm not among them, by the way.)
- Most important word: Kyoto agreement
- Most happy people: Envoironmentalist

To be continued...
Via: Hoder

1977: Singing legend Presley is dead
Elvis in concert
Elvis Presley, whose singing and style revolutionized popular music in the 1950s, dies after collapsing at his home on this date today. I thought this was interesting to write.

Changed stuff and added some
Ive changed the archive, I made it drop down and also 4 more new songs that I added. You can now click next under it and it will change to the next song and if you want to listen to the last song then click on back.
For the Archive drop down menue I had help from My brother to make it so thanks bro.

Flashlights, pay phones rule in NYC
It was a day for flashlights, transistor radios and hard-to-find pay phones as Manhattanites trapped by the blackout abruptly discovered the failings of high-tech wireless tools.


I saw this movie yesterday but I forgot to write about it... anyway this was the best action movie I have ever seen... well one of the best... The best part that I liked about this movie was when the swat team was saving the bank from the robbers, oh and one more thing that scene was exactly like in the game Counter-Strike. The film had little laughs but great action I suggest you should see it too

New Dinosaur Species Found in India
BOMBAY, India - U.S. and Indian scientists said Wednesday they have discovered a new carnivorous dinosaur species in India after finding bones in the western part of the country.

Logo's I made...
Heres some new logos that I made for my weblog. Im going to chose 3 or 2 of them only... which one do you think is best?

Click next to see the next one and if you want to see the previous one click back.


Doctors in France say 50 dead from heat
Doctors in France say at least 50 people have died of heat-related illness in the capital, Paris, after a week of record-setting temperatures.
French doctors have attacked the government for classifying the deaths as natural.
Temperatures in the French capital have been above 35 celcius for more than a week.
Across Europe, at least 40 other people have died from the effects of the heat and in fires.

Its good to be back...
its a while since I havnt wrote well it was mainly because I had a lot of football games and also because I was playing CS (Counter-Strike) I got addicted to that game till today when I quit playing it. I will start writing again from now by the way I also have a football game in like 1 hour so il go eat and then il have to get ready for the football game. I might write after that or I might write tomorrow.


Bank gives a woman 48.7 Million Dollar Check
MIAMI (Reuters) - A Florida woman thought she was getting a certified check for $85 but her bank mistakenly made it out for more than $48.7 million...

Bye Bye Davis!

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the next Governor of California...

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.
My take? Coke or Pepsi?

heres a link if you dont know what im talking about: LINK


This is a new weblog made by Reza living in Tehran... he is 25 years old as he introduced himself. His weblog template was made by Macromedia which I really like, I think its called something like drag and drop... I gave him a link too in the Persian section of blogs.


Voting for legistreytur in Nova Scotia, Canada
Yesterday was the voting day here and there was a lot of people everywhere... signs and everything on streets. Streets were really busy yesterday because of the voting for Nova Scotia's legistreytur...

German Finds Explosive Surprise in Old Sofa
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man bought a second-hand sofa only to discover it was stuffed with three pounds of dynamite, police said on Friday.


Photo's from Afghanistan
TIME photographer Majid was lucky to escape with his life when he fell afoul of a Taliban patrol in Kandahar. Although he was beaten and saw his cameras smashed and his film confiscated, the arrival of a senior officer who recognized his accreditation papers saved the day. Fortunately he had sent his previous day's film across the border by courier and saved these exclusive photographs.
Heres one of the photo that he took:

For more pictures click here

Siah Sepid starting it's English blog community come help us with it
Siah sepid is trying to start a new weblogs Persian community in English as teams of blogs, they already have a Persian Blog community for their E-magazine. we are in the process of creating the first Iranian Community blog in English and were wondering if you'd like to be a part of this project. If anyone is interested please email me at sassan{at}
UPDATE: I will also be helping...

Cool Flash
There are 7 cool flash movies that you can see inside this link
Click here to open the page


Saddams sons and 14-year-old Mustafa Hussein buried in Tikrit
They were buried this Saturday in rocky soil near Saddam Hussein's hometown their bodies wrapped in Iraqi flags in a sign the family considered them to be martyrs...

A family member grieves near the graves of Saddam Hussein's sons Odai and Qusai and 14-year-old Mustafa Hussein, Qusai's son, Saturday, Aug. 2, 2003, in Tikrit, 180 km (110 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq. Leaders of Saddam Hussein's tribe buried the ousted dictator's sons and grandson Saturday, their bodies wrapped in Iraqi flags in a sign the family considered them to be martyrs. (AP Photo/Samir Mezban)


Desktop Wenger
I found this on the official Arsenal Club Team you can download the animated coach of the Arsenal team and it will tell you the news of the team!
I dont think I have told this on my blog yet but Arsenal is my favourite club team! I have liked them since 4 years ago... I also like Brazil and Real Madrid =D
Heres the picture of Arsenals coach, Arsene Wenger and the animates version:

Download Desktop Wenger

Iran: the struggle for change

Iran: The stuggle for change
Heres a page Ive found in BBC that clearly tells about the government and also its relations with the west and how the government runs and also explains the politics and other things about Iran.
Click Here to see the page

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