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Leaving Soon
8 More days from now I will be going to Manchester United for Soccer Traning Academy. Im so exited I will take my camera with me so I will take pictures there and maybe post from there or I will post it when I get back to Canada again.

Todays Technology Talk
This, picture what you are about to see is a digital TV on a cell phone which is going to be coming out soon. Here is the report from AFP:

Japan's six major television networks said they have agreed on a terrestrial digital standard aimed at beaming high-quality TV images to mobile phones, starting March 2006.(AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno)

An awsome trance song
This song is called Days Go By - BY DIRTY VEGAS.

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    This is a free commenting service that I am going to be using for the persian templates of check it out it might be helpful to you too.


    Worst day of my life
    Today I spent my day visiting another city in the Nova Scotia province which really sucked and the worst thing I hated about it was the smell, it smelled like farms and it was the farms. Anyways the second thing I hated about it was that it had nothing intresting in the city, and it was all roads and farms. After 2:00pm we went to the Ski Martock a skiing place around Windsor and I didnt really feel like skiing so I just stayed in the car with my brother for more then 3 hours which sucked.
    Here is the emotional picture that I would feel like:

    Happy Nourooz
    It is the year 1389, the Iranian new years was about late last night.

    Smallest disk drive
    I just saw this on the CNN website and now that I know about this small thing I am planning to buy it too, have a look at this thing.

    Its made by Toshiba and they say that its expected to see the drive later this year.
    Well I hope the cost is cheap too.

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