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Today I also had a football game and I just came back from the game, I scored a goal today! here's how I scored the goal. First I took the ball fast from the other player then I ran in and then I passed two other players then I took a shot and the ball curved and went right over the goalie's hands! it was awesome! then all my teammates also got happy and stuff a lot of "HI HOO"! out of the field and a lot of people told me that I scored a score nice goal (not to brag about it) even the other teams parents that were watching the game told me good game and nice goal at the end of the game. Also my friend got a goal too from the side of the field, his was also nice too he first made a fake move then he chipped it in and it went right over the goalie's head! Well that was a good game, the score was 2-0 and we won and I'm a lot tired too. I have a lot more games the next week, I have one on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and also 2 games on Saturday!! that's a lot of games.
Now I'm going to have a look at some other blogs and read some posts also some news sites to see what's going on...

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My previous football match

Yesterday I had a football game against a team called Dunbrack and I was about to score a goal right in the other teams goalie box and just when I raised my foot to kick the ball the other teams player slide tackled me, I went flipping on the ground so fast and then the referee called a penalty shot! and then the player that slide tackled me from back got a yellow card. Unfortunately my team lost the game the score was 4-1 but I still had fun and my next game is at Thursday!


Vigen the great
Vigen is one of the best Iranian Jazz singer of Iran. He's serving his people by his beautiful songs, that he sang for 50 years in Iran and outside. I just got this in from television, he has cancer and he was talking with tears in his eyes, every single Iranian knows who Vigen is, he is the greatest. They are collecting donation from around the world, go to his official site to help this great man.
Official Site

Via: Sassan

Say hello to my new laptop
My dad got me a laptop yesterday I was so happy and excited... my laptop is a TOSHIBA SATELITE 5100 its has Pentium 4 and Windows Xp home edition with NVIDIA Geforce 4 graphics card Its so fast! and the memory has 40Gig it also has a CD-RW/DVD CD-Rom its great I tell ya!
Im on the laptop right now!!
heres the pictures I took from it:


Read how an Iraqi residence finnaly got his freedome to Yahoo messenger!
Baghdad resident Usama Kamil Al-Sharqi paid a taxi driver $50 in 2001 to smuggle him a copy of Yahoo Instant Messenger on a CD-ROM from a friend in Jordan.
It was a high price to pay for a program that has been downloaded for free by millions of people around the world. But Al-Sharqi says he would have paid an even higher price had the regime of Saddam Hussein, which banned the use of instant messaging software, found out about it.
"If the government knew what I was doing, I am sure they would kill me, because they would think I was a spy," says Al-Sharqi.

Read more here...


My Birthday
I enjoyed my birthday yesterday but I didnt accually have a birthday party yet... But still my dad told me that I can go somewhere and he will buy me my birthday present! Im thinking of getting a laptop... or a paintball gun.


Today I had guests at my home and I also went biking after that, the weather here is great I like the summer here so much! but the bad thing is that summer here lasts for only 2 months and 2 years ago when I lived in Dubai, U.A.E(United Arab Emirates) It lasted for 3 months and a half! I miss Dubai and also I miss Abu Dhabi, where I was born... I had a lot of good memories there of my childhood. I am really happy right now because tomorrow is my birthday! and I wonder what im going to get for my birthday.


Another Iranian-English Blog directory
Heres another link to a page of links to the Iranian english blog writers. The reason why I reccomend you to see it is because this one is more complete!
The Blogalization Conspiracy : IranBlogsInEnglish

Technical difficulties
I apologies for not writing I had some technical difficulties and I couldn't access to my computer... Anyway il be posting now with great posts and just one more happy news for Iraq people...
The Suns of Saddam are killed!
Finally the sons of Saddam got killed I was watching this last night on the CNN news breaks they said that the two brothers Odey and Qussay were hiding in they're uncles Mansion! and the mansion got surrounded with about 200 soldier! but they also bombed the mansionBoth sons were madman's! Odey for example tortured athletes of Iraq who didn't play well and Qussay was like a serial killer!!...


Cat translator
A Japaneese company makes a device that accually translates the meow of a cat! its called the "Meowlingual" and it costs about 8,800 yen ($74.62) and it would aim to sell 300,000 units by the end of March 2004. This company is also trying to make a translator for dogs soon... but im confused about this, how do they know if it really translates correctly?? anyway if its not correct then imagine all the people who bought it and wasted theyre money...

Click for Large Photo

<>Click Here to read the whole artice<>


New Car!
A country named Cambodia makes its first car and its even better then Iran's Peykan! have a look at this two seater convertible Angkor-2003. The car was made in a Phnom Penh garage.
Cambodia's first car, the two-seater convertible Angkor-2003, produced in a Phnom Penh garage.


Comments and sats changes
Ive been really working on the blog these days and so far its been good... and all the comments are deleted because its from another place now.
Hope you like the new changes done to the blog.

Weird stuff happens a lot!
A mother kept her daughter mummified after she died of autoimmune disorder and her mother says she declined to call emergency. This Girl was at the age of 27 and her mom says that she mummified her so the Aliens would bring her to life again, I think this mother is empty headed... The body was kept in an aprtment for three years and then police found out about it.

<>Click here to read the whole story<>


The Osama Clock
I find this intresting because its a clock that counts from the day that Bush said hed catch Osama Binladen "Dead or Alive"
It also gives the script to people to put it in they're webs... and today it said "It's been 666 days since Bush said he'd catch Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive!"

Funny WMD error page
I saw this on the Yahoo News. Its an error page from Google that mocks the Weapons of mass destruction... Here's a picture of it: This is a frame shot of the website created by Anthony Cox. It looks like an error message but is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on t weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (AP Photo)

and here's the page:

On the top of the page it says: "These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed" and then it gives an explanation and then it says "please try the following:" and example of it is: "Click the Bomb button if you are Donald Rumsfeld."
Read the page its quite funny.


Fun days...
I havnt written for 2 days I apologize for that but it has been quiet fun enjoying life. I have been playing with my freinds and also playing football and a lot of other stuff. I have been losing visitors these days mostly because of my weblog being blocked from Iran and not only mine is blocked all the weblogs that are hosted from Blogger and Persianblog. I wonder if this is temporary I hope it is too. Iranians from around the world are supporting Iranian students and other Iranians that are fighting for they'rs and our freedome.
There is a lot going on aound the world...
The Houses of Parliament, London, England


Iranian-Canadian Photographer Dies
A photographer named Zahra Kazemi Dies in her 54 year, before she got beaten and tortured for taking a picture of a jail. After several days in a coma she dies in a hospital in Tehran. Canada is now after this situation.
Via: PersianBlogger

More about this on CBC News website


HODER's Words:

Blocking: Optimistic scenario

Optimistically speaking, I guess the recent blocking of all blogging tools in Iran (+ my own poor weblog!) in the days of July 9th, has been a matter of security. Almost any kind of communication with outside world were cut off: cell-phones, long-distance calling cards, VoIP phone lines, satelite TVs, Internet access, and finally weblogs. It is very likely that the reformist government has arranged all of it for the fear of riots in the city and a more than possible savage reaction to them by hardliner vigilante and revolutionary guards. Because hardliners are not practically capabale of doing all this.

So I'm hopeful that the input/output channels will be opened again by saturday and people can access blogosphere again. But anyways, please spread the word. It's very important.


New Pictures
I've taken some new pictures so I decided to show them to you all...

In Iran...
Ive heard that in Iran they blocked free blog services such Blogger and Persianblog and some more so no one would write during these days and no one would open up new blogs... But there will always be those Proxy killer pages that lets you in anywhere on the internet. I hope they unblock them soon.

Also I will be going to court today... Wish me luck


Today is July,9!
Today is the big day in Iran, as I also heard that in Iran all places are closed for a weak because of Laleh and Ladan's sad deaths. I wonder how many people attended the protest in Iran today... I also watched the Euronews and saw Iranians supporting students to protest at Washington. There was also a gathering at downtown Toronto which was also support Iranian students and their efforts toward democracy as Hoder announced.


Sad News
Today I saw almost everywhere about Lale & Ladan that they passed away in they're surgery. It was very sad, I didnt think they would die... almost the whole world knew about them, and now when they accepted to get they're heads seperated they passed away.

CNN made a report on this too :Click


The upcoming event
On July, 9 in iran, it is expected for a huge amount of Iranians protesting like they never did before. Television channels such as Azadi T.V and such as Meli T.V have also been supporting and cheering up the Students of Iran for this day. So far they have been successful. I'm wondering of this day, of how many people will attend. will the government take this seriously? Will this be the day Iranians have been waiting for?

Look at this picture look at the people trying to pass thru but the metal bars stand strongly against them. Pretend the bars are the government's power and the hands and arms are the people's voices of they're freedom, some hands and arms get thru but not listened to.

And this picture is a women showing the peace sign. To me by showing that peace sign means that she still has hope in the freedom of Iran and its people.

We will see what is going to happen on July, 9.


What a bad surprise
I found out that im going to court on friday because of the red card I got and what happened. After 2 weeks the kids parents went to the football association and reported me I shoudve reported them!! so now I have to go to court and I am suspended from playing football for a weak and then after that I have to go to court and see how many more days will I be suspended from playing football. Its just not fair, how could they be taking me to court... A 12 year old boy!!!!?!?!?!
anyways im really upset about this.


Terminator 3
I saw this movie yesterday and I liked it, but it was too unreal and sometimes it funny. Like here's one part that was so funny, the lady takes the gun and she shoots at Schwarzenegger and then he stops it with his teeth and says " Don't do that" I laughed at that part so much. This other funny part was when Schwarzenegger gets hit by a firefighter car and one side of his glasses were all torn and the firefighters had a silent with they're mouths opened in surprise and then Schwarzenegger says "Il drive" and he throws the firefighters out of the car and he drives, that was also so funny for me.


Will cars ever fly?
Well im impressed this guy made it fly.
Click here to read this article from wired news


 Its Canada Day!
Today is July first and its the 136th birthday of Canada.

Because Im in Canada il write the Canada's National Anthem:

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all
thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on
guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

 Happy Canada Day!

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