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Today I also had a football game and I just came back from the game, I scored a goal today! here's how I scored the goal. First I took the ball fast from the other player then I ran in and then I passed two other players then I took a shot and the ball curved and went right over the goalie's hands! it was awesome! then all my teammates also got happy and stuff a lot of "HI HOO"! out of the field and a lot of people told me that I scored a score nice goal (not to brag about it) even the other teams parents that were watching the game told me good game and nice goal at the end of the game. Also my friend got a goal too from the side of the field, his was also nice too he first made a fake move then he chipped it in and it went right over the goalie's head! Well that was a good game, the score was 2-0 and we won and I'm a lot tired too. I have a lot more games the next week, I have one on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and also 2 games on Saturday!! that's a lot of games.
Now I'm going to have a look at some other blogs and read some posts also some news sites to see what's going on...


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