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Hurricane Juan (one)
Two days ago the hurricane started, I was sleep at that time and I didn't even get awaked of the sleep I guess I was really tired. On the morning the hurricane stopped but we had no power or internet or even hot water! Me and my family had nothing to do because there was no power so we went into the car and had a tour to see the other houses and the street's. Our house had no damage thankfully but our backyard and garden is all messed up but that don't even matter... We saw like tress fallen and torn on streets houses damaged real bad, 3 people I think died from this storm one was an ambulance driver that was going to an emergency and he hit a tree on the streets and the other was a woman with her kid inside the house, when there was no power they had candles and it burned down the house and they died too. This huge tree that was behind our house and it was like 20 times taller then me and this wind took it out of the ground with its root! the wind was going 160Km per hour. Our backyard is like hell!! theres like 50 trees all fallen... Our satellite survived too somehow and it works perfect. I saw some peoples satellite like hung on they're house. Most company signs are torn over. I saw this lottery sign and before it used to say " You can win $5,000,000" and now the #5 was gone and it said "You can win $ ,000,000". They were actually giving out free coffee at a store we saw in Halifax but the line was HUUGGEE!! . When we got home we ate Barbeque Hotdogs, man that was good. I had like 5 candles in my room to keep it bright enough. After we slept and woke up tomorrow morning the power was back I checked checked to see if the internet is back too but it wasn't, I guess the last thing they fixed was the internet cables. The lake near our house is like the sewage! its so brown that I thought it was actually the sewage, what actually happened to the lake was that the water pumps weren't working. Some of the army came to Halifax to clean up the mess from the Hurricane Juan. Until now its 4:36PM and my internet is back baby!

Here are some pictures that I took myself of the Hurricane Juan in Dartmouth:

Torn tree; You can see lots of this now!

Macdonalds sign; I guess nature didnt like they're food as much

Look at the roof of the house and the wall, the wall is all torn off if.

The candle in our house

Look at this Canada flag all torn!
I hope I could take more pictures for you guys to see...


Some game downloads for free:

Motor city online
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Civilization 3
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Test drive 6
The real-world physics surrounding car movement are never really convincing, and at times it appears as if you are floating on the road or that you are witnessing a bunch of toy cars rather than full-size automobiles out for a spin. But the distinctive handling differences among the models are fun. One clearly undesirable deviation from what I would have expected here is that no matter what you do, you can never get damaged either visibly or in terms of your performance. In any case, the collision detection is flawed, as sometimes you fly right through objects. Your ability to hit objects out of the way as you drive along turns out to be of negligible value in the gameplay, as the objects you can hit are generally small and trivial. I do not find that the money management aspects of the gameplay, in which you collect loot to buy or upgrade cars, adds much to the value of Test Drive 6. This feature appears to be more applicable to other kinds of racing games, and here it just ends up being an added bother for the most part.


Those days...
I remember those days when I used to go and put glass bottles under car tires, I remember those days when I use to turn on my music player and party in my room , I remember those days when me and my friends used to turn on the fire alarm in our apartments and then run away , I remember those days when I was in my hometown Iran and was eating that Pofak Namaky man those days were fun!


I had 2 tests this week in my school and I got A on one and B on the other which is just what I needed I have to wake up tomorrow at 5:00am because I have to go to a practice then and then after I come back from soccer I have to go to school I don't like my teacher I think he is racist or something like today we had this competition that whoever wins gets a candy. So I win and I go up to take my candy but my teacher said go sit down, I didn't know why he said that!? So I sat down and he called up the next winner and he gave him a candy!?!?! I put my hand up and told him why didn't he give me my candy he said "You didn't come up" I was so pissed off then! Oh and I forgot to mention he is an old guy... That's probably the reason why he forgets a lot of stuff, no offence by the way.

Counter Strike 1.6

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Download Nero 6!

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Second Place

Finally got my medal for soccer and it turned out that me and my team came second in the summer League Under14 Tier 2 and this winter I'm trying out for Dartmouth United Under14 Tier1. so this will be another medal put into my medal display in my room...


Today's hint: Drink Enough Water!
Today I had soccer tryouts for Dartmouth United team so we practiced and we got ready for a game and while we were getting ready I almost fainted!! The sun was blazing and I was both hungry and thirsty, well I was more thirsty then Hungry... Anyways and then I found out that I have to get my Medal for the summer season I wonder what we are going to get Last year me and my team got gold. This year I think its going to be like Bronze . So tomorrow I will see what I got and I will take a picture of it to show it in my blog .


Days past very fast
School wasn't as boring as yesterday, also there was a car crash last night on the other street which is like 2 minutes away from my house. I didn't go see what happened but kids at my school said they saw it and the guy got really injured. I'm going to add a song to my blogs mix today which the song is called banana Boat. My brother is trying to take my idea for the Back - Next under the music but I'm not really agreeing to it . I have a game on Monday for soccer at school and also a test on Tuesday which I'm going to study on it today... All the stuff I'm learning this year is the exactly same thing as last year for all my subjects even my friends said that so what I'm saying is that its like I went to Grade 8 last year oh well at least school will be easier this year then .
Oh and the two towers collapsed right on this day.


Ever get really busy?
I'm so busy this weak with school and everything else that I don't even get a chance to write a post on my blog. We already had a test in my school on Social Studies and thank god I got 20/20 with an A+ In my class my teacher's name is Mr. Croft and his our Science and Math teacher. He's a very good teacher but forgets a lot of stuff... He has a Radio on almost every time for us to listen to quietly. My brother also had my teacher 2 years ago and he says that my teacher turns on the radio when we have tests . Today in school we also went to a field trip and on the way back I was so thirsty because of the hot weather that I couldn't believe I found a BANANA!! Under a bush which I accidentally found and it was in perfect shape and was cold too Was this a sign of GOD! To help me I don't know why but it actually solved my thirst!
Thank god for the BANANA!!

Serious Soccer
I'm going to sign up for this soccer team soon hopefully and its for a year of soccer skills and also you can go to Manchester United to play soccer in they're for 10 days. It also includes hotel there to stay in and my dad asked me if I was sure to going on this and I said "Yeah" so he said ok. The team is called Serious Soccer.


Im back
Well im back to writing my blog, and I got to admit I kinda missed blogging. Last week or the week before that I had to go to Cape Bretton in the city of Sydney for the provincials soccer tournement. Unfortunatly we came 4th we won the first game but lost the next 2 games , the teams in Sydney were really good and they were all the top teams from every city of Nova Scotia. After when I came back from Sydney with a 6 hour drive my leg started to get sore and then after 1 day it swelled and hurt a lot! and today was the soccer tryouts for my school team but I didn't try out because of my foot. But I still made the team . I cant write any news about anything anymore because I'l be busy with school work but I might sometimes write some news and exciting stuff when im not busy . So my weblog is almost a personal weblog for now.

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