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Well im back to writing my blog, and I got to admit I kinda missed blogging. Last week or the week before that I had to go to Cape Bretton in the city of Sydney for the provincials soccer tournement. Unfortunatly we came 4th we won the first game but lost the next 2 games , the teams in Sydney were really good and they were all the top teams from every city of Nova Scotia. After when I came back from Sydney with a 6 hour drive my leg started to get sore and then after 1 day it swelled and hurt a lot! and today was the soccer tryouts for my school team but I didn't try out because of my foot. But I still made the team . I cant write any news about anything anymore because I'l be busy with school work but I might sometimes write some news and exciting stuff when im not busy . So my weblog is almost a personal weblog for now.


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