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AP- An Israeli, holds a firing mechanism, fitted with a pistol that sits over a color mini-camera with zoom, located at the front end and the back section which consists of the stock, trigger and a monitor, that allows the shooter to fire at his target from around the corner, during a shooting session in a fire range in the central Israeli town of Shoham, Monday Dec. 15, 2003. The system developed by the U.S.-Israeli company Corner Shot is beeing tested by armies from 15 countries and Israeli combat units and forces will begin using the device next week, a former deputy commander of Israel's anti-terror unit and founder of the company said. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

A man that has no Honor
CNN reports the people of Iraq celebrate the capture of Saddam Hussain, the stupid and brutal dictator who deserves to die very painfully...Click here to read the report. Not only Saddam was a brutal man but even his Sons one had tortured the Iraq soccer team for they're loss and I forgot to mention that Saddam had killed a person at age of 10.


Well it was a lot of experience and now its all over I was so scared when I fell unconscious, my dad said my eyes were opened but I wouldnt move or say anything, even breathe. I got good news today Saddam Hussein got captured beside his palace which he made a hole underground and he went inside it you will find a lot of pictures in yahoo and other news webs heres a picture of him after he got captured, now its time to go after Bin Laden again:


Sorry for not blogging almost a week but I am very very sick, 2 days ago I fell unconscious on the ground too so now you know I am very sick I might blog on Monday.


Blogshares coming back with a new owner!
Jay Campbell made an agreement somehow with the founder of blogshares (Seyed Razavi) to bring back blogshares with in charge of Jay have a look at Blogshares

PSX the next generation of Playstation!
Ive seen pictures and people writing about it and also video and even rumors of it anyone know when its coming out or info about it?

Real Madrid's David Beckham. David Beckham has only been a Real Madrid player for a little over five months but he is already convinced that Spanish football is the best..(AFP/File/Andrej Isakovic)

PhotoWoman Gets 10 Years for McDonald's Mayo Spat
HOUSTON (Reuters) - A Texas woman was sentenced to 10 years in jail for running over the manager of a McDonald's with her car because she wanted mayonnaise on her cheeseburger. Waynetta Nolan, 37, showed no emotion Thursday as the sentence was read in court following a trial in which the McDonald's manager, Sherry Jenkins, said she gave Nolan the mayonnaise she requested, but she flew into a rage anyway.


New design just out! V3.6
Say Bye to the orange and hi to the classic apple! well it took me a whole while for a new layout but then I didnt like it and I just thought why dont I change all the design but keep the template skeleton! I really like it :) its so fresh. By the way this is Version 3.6 everytime I make a change to the design it will go up by .1 Ive never explained that but I have been making a lot of changes to the design through my blogging time and it is very accurate that its 3.6


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Bye Bye Blogshares...
Today I just checked for my blogshares thing and I saw this I was hoping it wouldn't close down because it was a fun game! especially for weblogs. I will never forget that game.

Life sucks when it gets so busy...
I am so busy these day's. I haven't gotten a chance to write anything in my weblog around these days and I've had so many homework and tests. I have had 2 or more tests every week!! My teacher is so old he's like 70 and he doesn't even teach us the stuff clearly and he excepts a lot from us... My dad took my laptop away and I wonder if he hates me or something. Oh and I haven't mentioned my soccer training and games. I have practice all week except for Thursdays! This really sucks!!

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