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Days past very fast
School wasn't as boring as yesterday, also there was a car crash last night on the other street which is like 2 minutes away from my house. I didn't go see what happened but kids at my school said they saw it and the guy got really injured. I'm going to add a song to my blogs mix today which the song is called banana Boat. My brother is trying to take my idea for the Back - Next under the music but I'm not really agreeing to it . I have a game on Monday for soccer at school and also a test on Tuesday which I'm going to study on it today... All the stuff I'm learning this year is the exactly same thing as last year for all my subjects even my friends said that so what I'm saying is that its like I went to Grade 8 last year oh well at least school will be easier this year then .
Oh and the two towers collapsed right on this day.


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