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Ever get really busy?
I'm so busy this weak with school and everything else that I don't even get a chance to write a post on my blog. We already had a test in my school on Social Studies and thank god I got 20/20 with an A+ In my class my teacher's name is Mr. Croft and his our Science and Math teacher. He's a very good teacher but forgets a lot of stuff... He has a Radio on almost every time for us to listen to quietly. My brother also had my teacher 2 years ago and he says that my teacher turns on the radio when we have tests . Today in school we also went to a field trip and on the way back I was so thirsty because of the hot weather that I couldn't believe I found a BANANA!! Under a bush which I accidentally found and it was in perfect shape and was cold too Was this a sign of GOD! To help me I don't know why but it actually solved my thirst!
Thank god for the BANANA!!


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