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I had 2 tests this week in my school and I got A on one and B on the other which is just what I needed I have to wake up tomorrow at 5:00am because I have to go to a practice then and then after I come back from soccer I have to go to school I don't like my teacher I think he is racist or something like today we had this competition that whoever wins gets a candy. So I win and I go up to take my candy but my teacher said go sit down, I didn't know why he said that!? So I sat down and he called up the next winner and he gave him a candy!?!?! I put my hand up and told him why didn't he give me my candy he said "You didn't come up" I was so pissed off then! Oh and I forgot to mention he is an old guy... That's probably the reason why he forgets a lot of stuff, no offence by the way.

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