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On July, 9 in iran, it is expected for a huge amount of Iranians protesting like they never did before. Television channels such as Azadi T.V and such as Meli T.V have also been supporting and cheering up the Students of Iran for this day. So far they have been successful. I'm wondering of this day, of how many people will attend. will the government take this seriously? Will this be the day Iranians have been waiting for?

Look at this picture look at the people trying to pass thru but the metal bars stand strongly against them. Pretend the bars are the government's power and the hands and arms are the people's voices of they're freedom, some hands and arms get thru but not listened to.

And this picture is a women showing the peace sign. To me by showing that peace sign means that she still has hope in the freedom of Iran and its people.

We will see what is going to happen on July, 9.


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