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Here I come Manchester!
I will be going to Manchester United on April 9 or 8 and stay there for 10 days to play soccer with my team and get trained in the Manchester United Stadium with the Manchester United staff. It is going to be so fun! I'm even going to stay in a hotel for 10 days by myself in 1 room and my whole team is staying in that hotel too. I might also bring my Digi-Cam to there so I can take pictures and stuff and then put it on my weblog. We are currently training, A LOT like I have practice all week except for Fridays and Wednesdays but that dosn't matter to me because I love soccer! Today I also had a game and I scored a goal we won 3-2 against this team called The Valley. I changed to Dartmouth United for soccer they have such a better coach then Cole Harbour. I can't wait till I go to Manchester!


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