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I will start with how the food was like... We ate KFC at first (hmmmm KFC) and than we had some cookies as desert (hmmmm cookies) and than after that we went mining coal underground with professional miners that let us mine coal. He gave me the mining tools that they use to hit the wall to get coal and when it was my turn I hit it so hard that it made sparkles! so he told me "take it easy kid! a gentle swing will do" so when I had my chunk of coal and put it inside a plastic bag... than we watched a movie while we were inside the bus and we were on our way to the Museum. When we got to the Museum our teachers told us where to put our sleeping bags and other stuff and than we left to the ocean, we went to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and we collected rocks that were really nice and were really shiny too and we would show the teachers our rocks and they would tell us what kind of rocks they were. Than we went back to the Museum again and looked at dinosaur bones and we also learned other stuff about rocks there. At 11:00PM we went to our beds but we weren't sleeping, me and my friends were beating this guy that was bugging people while there was no teacher there and than after that when we had enough fun beating our classmate we played cards with one of our cool teachers. We were only 6 including the teacher that was playing others were sleeping we only had a flashlight to see. My sleeping bag was right beside the dinosaur skeleton, I felt special to sleep there everyone else was also sleeping on the ground inside the Museum. The next morning we had breakfast and than we went to another beach looking for fossils that were old and all of us found a couple that were really old! this beach was not an ordinary beach this was the world most famous fossil place because they had found one of the most complete dinosaur of a kind. After we had been there on the beach for 1 hour we went back to the bus and then we went back to the Museum again and ate some hot-dogs and we played a little American football and then we went back to our school with our stuff. After I was at my school my friends parents drove me to my home.


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