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I wonder...
I wonder if Saddam is alive, I wonder what Bin Laden is doing right now, I wonder what's going on in Iraq right now, I wonder if someone is reading my list right now, I wonder if the world is really flat, I wonder if there are aliens reading my list right now, I wonder if someone is going to give me a comment on this, I wonder if one day Il be a millionaire, I wonder doctors try to control our mind with penicillin, I wonder if Blogger is going to change tomorrow, I wonder what god looks like, I wonder if tomorrow is the 29th, I wonder if something really exciting is going to happen today, I wonder what il be when I grow up, I wonder if Saddam has a clone, I wonder if Bush was friends with Bin Laden, I wonder if Elvis is still alive, I wonder if I could make it to the Brazil National team when i grow up, I wonder a lot of stuff...


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