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Red Card!
I had two Football games yesterday and on the first game I scored an awesome goal but the referee said he didn't see it! so I told him what do you mean you didn't see it?!? he said "I didn't see it" then the players from the other team said "It wasn't a goal" I said to him "yes actually it was a goal" he repeated "It wasn't a goal" I told him "I think you need some glasses , because I think your blind" and the referee had glasses so he got mad and came up to me and took a red card and showed it to me I was so mad that I was about to knock out the referee, while I was walking out the field my friend said this to the referee " hey ass---- you better do something right for once " I was laughing then the referee came up to my friend and also took the same red card out. My coach shouted at the referee and told him "what do you think your doing??!??!" he was walking up to there referee and right when the referee saw my coach walking towards him he ran away so fast we laughed so hard and my friend was too he was so scared that he ran away. That referee got fired because he doesn't even know how to be one. This referee didn't even give warnings! so my coach still was going to let me play the next game, even though I wasn't allowed because I got a red card. Just when the game was about to start the President of the football league was there, that meant that if my coach let me and my friend play then we would get suspended and our coach would get fined. So me and my friend couldn't play that game but there was a basketball court so me and my friend went there and played basketball together while we were watching the game.


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