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Did you notice anything about all the blogs around you? Most of them don't say about they're happenings of they're own life they just write about others and famous people or even other communities that they look at... Don't you think there should be more blogs about Comedy?!? I mean I haven't seen a single blog about comedy why is that?? C'mon people someone make some blogs about comedy and make us happy! It would even be good if you want to be a comedy person for when you grow up!
And now about designs, it doesn't really matter if your design is good or classic or whatever I like mine because it kind of makes me more blog but if you want your design to infect your visitors to make them visit your blog more then don't even try because design doesn't really matter if your writing is very rich and/or interesting...
But if you dont have a blog then why dont open one now!
I suggest you should open one at Blogger now.


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