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Today in my French class our teacher wasn't there so we had a substitute teacher instead of her. She asked me what's my name I said John Gamble! LOOOOOL all of us were laughing my friend that was sitting behind me said his name was Jamaal! And my 2 other friends that were sitting beside me said Robert and Nacho!! LOOOOOOOOL it was so funny everyone had another name the whole class! And the teacher actually believed us!! What a stupid teacher! Anyways we had a lot of laugh. One of my friend that's name was Kevin and said his name was Jamaal was like crying of laughing! When the teacher called me she said "John!!!! Do your work!!!" LOOOOOL I didn't even care because I wasn't really John and I was like laughing massively infront of her! And the rest of the day just sucked and it was so boring. Finally its the weekend and NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!


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