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No school till Monday!!
The best thing about this hurricane is that we have no classes till Monday!! I'm so happy about this its like we had march brake but this is even more its about 2 weeks that we didn't have school. Today I went to Halifax and saw like army people helping everywhere there was 2 cars also giving out free Tim hurting coffee to the Army people that were working. My friends cousin was telling me that on the hurricane night one of tall buildings was moving so they had to evacuate all the people inside the building and all the people inside the building were university students, but then the university paid for them to go to hotels and now the university has told them to go look for some houses to live in because they cant afford to keep paying for them to stay in the hotels... I wonder what I should do for the next 4 days that I don't have any school.
We should have hurricanes more often!


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