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Beckham: Show no respect
England captain David Beckham says there will be no room for niceties when they meet France on Sunday. Given the amount of French players plying their trade in England, the game will have a 'derby' feel to it, but the Real Madrid man says that won't be the way they approach the Group B clash. "Every one of our players respects every one of their players and their team as a whole, but once we cross that white line most of the respect will be out the window and we will be fighting to win the game," he said. Beckham also dispelled notions that they would go into the game looking for a draw against the defending champions and tournament favourites. "I think it's important we don't lose, but it's a massive challenge for the team," he added. "Whichever team performs will win the game - but we're definitely going for the win. "In the World Cup things worked perfectly for us in the Argentina game (1-0 win) - and hopefully the same will happen again." Beckham rejected calls that their fortunes rested on his shoulders, saying: "I'd like to think I'll have a big impact on the tournament. "But we're not a one or two-man team just like France aren't - they've got more than Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry. "It's not all about me. I've got to lead as a captain and I'll try my best as always - but so will all the players."


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