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Becks wants England success
England captain David Beckham is desperate to emulate his success at club level with the national team. The 29-year-old enjoyed unprecedented success during his days with Manchester United, including winning the Champions League in 1999. However, silverware at international level has eluded him - and England as a whole - since the 1966 World Cup. However, Beckham believes the current squad is good enough to end that drought - if not at Euro 2004, then at the World Cup in Germany two years later. "Most of the players are looking forward to the next two competitions, this one and the World Cup," he said. "They are two competitions being played in Europe and it certainly gives us a great chance of winning something. This is potentially one of the best teams in Europe. "We are all looking for an improvement in our own game and as a team and if we can find that improvement, and bring it into a competition like this, then we can go all the way. "People ask me if we win the championship whether that would mean me getting the recognition I deserve as a player - and maybe it would. "My own career would not be a failure if I didn't win anything with England, but for it to happen would cap everything off for me."


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