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Wiltord predicts 2-0
Sylvain Wiltord is talking big ahead of France's opening Euro 2004 clash with England. He has confidently predicted that not only will they beat England 2-0 on Sunday, but that he will play a big part in their victory. Wiltord will leave Arsenal this summer after refusing a new contract, but thinks that an impressive performance in Portugal will help him win a dream move to Spain. And he intends to begin in style on Sunday, when France face England in the big match of the group stages. "It will be 1-0 to us, we'll make it 2-0 at the end. I'll score or make a decisive pass," Wiltord told Eurosport. "Obviously, it will be strange for me and all the other 'Frenchies'. "We've spoken about it over the last few months, and we can't wait to play against them. We tease them and joke about it during training, everybody is looking forward to France versus England." But Wiltord needs to look further ahead of the 'physical' game he predicts against England as he is yet to find a club for next season. He has been linked with the short hop to Tottenham with French coach Jacques Santini, but he says he would prefer a move to Spain. "I think a Spanish club would suit me in terms of football, the ambiance and the other little things I like. I don't think the Spanish league is inferior. "The Italian league doesn't really suit my style of play, and it would be a bit strange going to a club other than Arsenal in the Premiership."


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